• High Temperature Air Combustion – From Energy Conservation to Pollution Reduction

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Essential to the strategy of reducing Greenhouse Gases (especially CO2) is maximising the efficiency and at the same time reducing other emissions.  During the last 20 years, steps have been taken to develop such technology.  High Temperature Air Combustion Technology holds the potential to overcome the limitation imposed by conventional combustion using highly pre-heated air.  Research shows that this technology can simultaneously reduce CO2 and NOx emissions.

Issues related to the exploitation of this technology to various industrial applications will still require further resolution.  In co-operation with our Swedish Flame Research Committee, we would like to invite our readers to participate and join in the discussion to resolve these issues…


The Quest for Zero Emissions in Industrial Furnaces – State of the Art and Future Development of High Temperature Air Combustion

Jernkontoret, Stockholm, Sweden
23rd – 24th October 2003

The discussion of 2003 Stockholm TOTeM will be led by our SFRC Vice Chairman, Dr. Wlodzimierz Blasiak.  Session 1 – discussion related to the Iron and Steel Industry will be co-chaired by Dr. Frank Fitzgerald (British Flame President); Session 2 – discussion on other application of High Temperature Air Combustion will be co-chaired by Ms. Brigitta Lindblad (Research Manager, Jernkontoret).

Frank Fitzgerald
Session 1 Co-Chairperson

Wlodzmierz Blasniak
TOTeM25 Chairman

Brigitta Lindblad
Session 2 Co-Chairperson

Also, we would like to take opportunity to thank our sponsors for this TOTeM.  For further details visit the Stockholm TOTeM Website…


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