• “High Temperature Air Combustion”, by Hiroshi Tsuji et al

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      Peter Roberts

This week we are happy to announce a new book available through the IFRF Book Store situated in the IFRF Combustion Centre.


This new publication is entitled:


“High Temperature Air Combustion – From Energy Conservation to Pollution Reduction” 

The Authors are: Hiroshi Tsuji, Ashwani Gupta, Toshiaki Hasegawa, Masashi Katsuki, Ken Kishimoto and Mitsunobu Morita.


This 400 page book is a comprehensive and well illustrated compendium on modern research and development in the area of High Temperature Air Combustion or “HiTAC”. It is oriented towards the person who wishes to gain a good understanding of the principles and practice of HiTAC. In several ways this book features the work of the IFRF commencing with references to the Scaling 400 research programme.


But of most importance is the fact that the book is dedicated to the late Ryochi Tanaka who, from his position of Vice Chairman of the IFRF, strongly promoted the commencement of experimental research in this area at IJmuiden.  The passionate commitment displayed by Mr Tanaka at the IFRF Joint Committee and various technical meetings, is well remembered by those who had the good fortune to witness them.


Following from Mr Tanaka’s efforts, the IFRF commenced a series of trials, using this technique, on the flameless combustion of Natural Gas, Light and Heavy fuel oil ending with pioneering work on pulverised coal. Particularly material from this last trial (HTAC99) is incorporated within the book. (IFRF Individual Members should recall that the three IFRF HTAC reports are presently being published at http://www.research.ifrf.net. The first concerning Natural gas is already available.)


This important book is recommended reading for combustion engineers and scientists of all levels.


How do you buy it? Go to the IFRF Combustion Centre and click on the Bookstore. (http://www.combustion-centre.ifrf.net/bookstore/index.html).  Click on to “Current Combustion Literature – Books that normally should be available from associated Bookstores”, browse for this new publication and click through, for example to our Associated Bookstore – Amazon where you will be directly connected to the book specification – take out your credit card and buy it. It’s that simple.