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The most recent report to be published relating to the IFRF High Efficiency Combustion programme was IFRF Doc Nr C108/y/1 – “COMMISSIONING REPORT: HEC-EEC Furnace and Burners (Part 1)” by Peter Hoppesteyn, Ferry Frinking and Willem van de Kamp, IJmuiden, December 2003.

Simultaneously the commissioning phase of the work was completed. Since that time the “Part 2” report has been drafted and has been sent to the Deputy Superintendent of Research for refereeing on behalf of the IFRF Members.

Further to this the first experimental phase has been completed. This primarily concerned detailed LDA traverses and a Laser Sheet Visualisation programme, performed both with cold flow conditions and with natural gas flames.  The Research Report has been drafted and is being prepared for refereeing.

At the beginning of this month we started the second experimental phase, with Natural Gas firing, testing the furnace switching time, varying the furnace load and comparing flameless and non-flameless modes, whilst taking detailed in-flame measurements of flame chemistry and temperature distribution.

This phase is planned for completion by early April and will be followed by the third main experimental phase – Coke Oven Gas firing – in May.

We will be keeping you up to date on progress here in the Monday Night Mail – For detailed information and access to the online research reports, go to: http://www.research.ifrf.net/research/programme.html?pid=8.