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      Peter Roberts

To our members, this is to inform you that the new furnace for the HEC programme is now partly assembled.  The construction of the whole equipment is progressing according to plan and within a couple of weeks more construction details will be made available.  A picture below shows the actual furnace standing in the IFRF Research Station.

In the picture the trapezium shape of the furnace can be seen. The five openings, which can be seen at one sidewall, are for camera based measurements. In the final design they can be closed with doors which are constructed such that the wall inside the furnace will have a plane surface consisting of the same refractory material as the surrounding walls. At the moment the construction of the Trolley combined with one front wall and the water-cooled bottom is under way.

Editors Note
You will recall that during the summer, we issued a questionnaire on the High Efficiency programme to all Individual Members. At that time we indicated that we would report back with the results.

The response gave us some interesting points to work on. The analysis of the results is in the final stages, based on which we are preparing a management report. Following this we will be issuing the report to the Member Organisations as promised.