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This week, we would like to welcome Allan Vrager, a PhD student from Tallinn Technical University who is currently working in-cooperation with Klas Anderson of Chalmers University. 


Allan Vrager
Thermal Engineering Dept.
Tallinn Technical University

Allan will be observing the experimental trials undertaken by the IFRF HEC-EEC team and will take this opportunity to learn and understand how the operating principles of  the narrow angle and ellipsoidal radiometers in determining the different heat transfer properties of a flame.

Meanwhile, we would also like to take this opportunity to inform our readers that the Coke Oven Gas trials will be completed this week. All data taken during the 4 weeks experimental trial will be gathered, analysed and reported in the IFRF Doc. No. F108/y/3.  Publication of this report will be announced in the MNM in the near future.