• Handbook published it’s 200th Combustion File

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This week, with the publication of three further contributions, the IFRF on-line Combustion Handbook delivers its 200th Combustion File. With each file typically running to 4 to 6 pages A4 equivalent, the Handbook now offers about 1000 pages of searchable guidance and data to IFRF members. These pages are in turn backed up by an on-line Combustion Glossary already containing definitions of over 600 specialised terms and abbreviations in common use within the combustion business.
The published Combustion Files include:
  • 18 Files on NOx emissions
  • 21 Files on thermal radiation
  • 7 Files on soot as a heat transfer medium and pollutant
  • 20 Files on flame aerodynamics
  • 26 Files on bio fuels
  • 86 Files on various aspects of industrial fuels
  • 28 downloadable data (Excel) files of which 6 take the form of downloadable calculators
I would like to take this opportunity of thanking the IFRF for supporting this initiative, as well as the unsung heroes of the backroom production team – currently Peter Roberts (NL) and Patrick Lavery (Australia)