• Handbook Publication on Low-Calorific Value Gases

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This week, in association with the TOTeM25 meeting at Stockholm, the IFRF Handbook completes its initial publication campaign relating to the use of Iron and Steelworks By-Product Gases with two Combustion Files on low calorific value fuel gases:

The two new Combustion Files present some of the guidance available to IFRF members on the stabilisation and detection of such flames. IFRF Members may read or download these new Combustion Files at www.handbook.ifrf.net, by selecting ‘New Combustion Files’ after accepting the disclaimer screen. Other Combustion Files on related themes, some of which are also open to non-IFRF members,  may be found by using the links built into the CFs, or by searching the Handbook with the  keywords like ‘Stability’ .

The summary guidance given in these CFs is based on the results of the IFRF G2 and G3 trials. IFRF Members wanting complete details of this test work may request the full reports from Maria Buur at the IFRF (maria.buur@ifrf.net ).