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      Peter Roberts

This week we have published four new Combustion Files (CFs) authored by Patrick Lavery, a EuroFlam Visiting Investigator at the IFRF, presently on secondment from the University of Glamorgan, Wales, UK.

Patrick Lavery
EuroFlam Visiting Investigator

These files have been developed in co-operation with Flemming Frandsen of the DTU and form the basis of the a new drawer devoted to Metals in the Emissions Filing Cabinet.

Dr. Flemming Frandsen

The first of this cluster introduces the subject of trace metals emissions. We have chosen to put this in the open domain. The remaining three files are concerned with problems and control techniques related to mercury emissions, which are published in the Members’ Domain.

The new combustion files are as follows:

  • CF58 What are trace metal emissions? – Open Domain
  • CF59 What are the essential problems related to mercury emissions from coal combustion? – Members’ Domain
  • CF188 What technologies are available to control mercury emissions from coal combustion? – Members’ Domain
  • CF189 How are mercury emissions controlled in municipal solid waste and sewage sludge incineration processes? – Members’ Domain

To read these files go to http://www.handbook.ifrf.net/handbook/ where they are located in the selection “New Combustion Files”.

With the growing concern on this subject, particularly in the power generation industry, we are planning to develop this area over the coming months. The general thrust of this development will be determined by the feedback given by our Individual Members, for example, at TOTeM22 “Combustion Trends in the Power Generation Industry” which takes place in Linkebeek Belgium next week on 13th November (Have you registered?).