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GreensCombustionLimitedLogo.jpgGreens Combustion is a UK limited company drawing on over 250 years of experience in supplying burners and thermal oxidisers to the refinery, petrochemical and fertiliser markets.
The range of low and ultra-low NOx burners are suitable for virtually all fired heaters and steam methane reformers with the thermal oxidiser supply ranging from burners to full systems for tail gas incinerators, fume and vent plants, liquid waste and SRU’s.
Greens Combustion recently joined the HS Group of Companies which includes TLT Engineering Pvt. Ltd, a leading designer and manufacturer of heavy duty FD and ID centrifugal fans and Airoil Flaregas Pvt Ltd, specialists in a full range of elevated (fixed & demountable) and ground flares as well as all accessorises
The Group not only has comprehensive workshop facilities on their 9 acre manufacturing site but also uses an established international supply chain for maximum flexibility. Greens Combustion is an IFRF Member Organsation through UK’s British Flame