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GBA is an internationally based group of companies. GBA supplies flare equipment to the world’s Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries – UPSTREAM, DOWNSTREAM, OFFSHORE, ONSHORE.

· GBA-Corona based in Houston, Texas

· GBA Flare Systems with offices in the London, England and Milan, Italy

We are committed to provide flare equipment with the highest quality of design, materials and construction to achieve PERFORMANCE and LONGEVITY. GBA dedicates the necessary resources to provide expert technical support, engineering, and services from conceptual design and FEED studies through product delivery and field commissioning. GBA accepts the responsibility for the complete satisfaction of our customers.

GBA will design systems with an OPERATING understanding and with system VALUE and LONGEVITY as priorities. GBA has been supplying derrick systems (some of the tallest demountable systems in the world; for example, 204 meters) and flare system equipment; flare tips, pilot systems, control and ignition systems, snuffing systems, support stacks and structures, liquid seal drums, knock out drums, since 1972. 

When you need to dispose of flammable gases quickly and safely, allow GBA to offer OPTIMIZED solutions for your high pressure and low pressure systems; (a) pressure assisted flares that provide infinite turndown, (b) enclosed ground flares, (c) open ground mounted arrays, (d) steam assist, (e) air assist, (f) burn pit flares, (g) cryogenic flares, and other specialtiy systems.