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This week, the IFRF Handbook publishes a further Combustion File relating to ignition.

This combustion file has been authored by Sylvain Salvador of the Ecole des Mines at Albi, France. It provides detailed equations on the estimation of heat release from combustion reactions within a carbonaceous particle, as well as describing the heat loss mechanisms from the same particle. Taken together, these two sets of equations can be used directly to apply the single particle ignition criteria outlined in January’s Combustion File from the same author.

Our thanks to Brian Stanmore, of the University of Queensland, Australia, for refereeing this Combustion File.

IFRF Members may read or download this new Combustion File at www.handbook.ifrf.net, by selecting ‘New Combustion Files’ after accepting the disclaimer screen. Other Combustion Files on related themes, many of which are also open to non-IFRF members,  may be found by using the links built into the CF, or by searching the Handbook with the  keywords like ‘ignition’  or ‘start’ or ‘stability’.