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      Neil Fricker


FTIR medium.jpgIn March of this year, an FTIR (Fourier Transform Infra-Red analyser) workshop for FTIR Ownwers and Users was held in Livorno. This was the third in the IFRF series of rig/instrument owners/users workshops the first two covering oxy-coal test rig operation and high pressure combustion test rigs. At these workshops, which have a round table format, owners and users compare notes and problems related to the use of their rigs and instruments rather than their scientific output. Close encounters with the IFRF’s FTIR were also encouraged.

FTIRs are now becoming widespread in the in the combustion community because of their potential to analyse for a wider range of components, including NOx precursers.

FTIR analyser.jpgThe FTIR Workshop allowed participants to compare experience with using typical commercial FTIRs in near-field situations, as opposed to flue gas monitoring for which they are normally configured. Common problems and possible solutions were identified. A brief summary of the workshop discussions is now available for download by IFRF Members from: http://www.trends.ifrf.net/trends/document.html?did=228