• FTIR Measurement of Gas Composition in Flames

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Over the last few years, IFRF has deployed an FTIR analyser and associated sampling system to measure gas composition in pilot scale flames and furnaces. Comparative measurements have been taken with conventional analysers. Experimental work with the instrument will be completed in the coming weeks and its assessment will form the subject of an IFRF Members’ Report.

As part of its increased emphasis on Networking Activities in the run up to relocation, IFRF proposes to host a workshop for FTIR owners and users under the umbrella of its EFRI (European Flame Research Initiative) activities. Workshops take the form of a round table discussion of participants experiences with the technique, offering the opportunity to share and discuss practical use of FTIR when measuring in flames, furnaces and boilers. IFRF would like to guage interest in such an event before firming up on the arangements. EFRI meetings are open to IFRF Members world wide, and to bona-fide participants within Europe who are allready, or who become members of the EFRI Forum (registration is free of charge). If you want to know more about EFRI or the FTIR Workshop without commitment, please get in touch now with IFRF Director Neil Fricker.

With the completion of its IFRF experimenatal campaign, and in view of its proposed relocation, IFRF will consider expressions of interest from organisations wishing to purchase its FTIR analyser. Please contact IFRF’s Assistant Director Giovanni Coraggio for more information.