• Former IFRF President Dick Waibel dies

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“I think it was in the late-70s that I first met Dick when he was with IGT out there on State Street in South Chicago.  Anyway it was before Dick joined John Zink which, by the way, was one of the best things that ever happened to John Zink Company, LLC.  Without a question of a doubt, Richard T. Waibel was and is one of the finest men I have ever known.  Our countless collegial encounters and many technical triumphs that we shared over the years, not to mention the occasional technical and other pickles that we got ourselves into and had to fight our way out of, were and will remain a priceless part of my life experience.  I am devastated by his untimely departure and will tell him so in no uncertain terms when I see him next.  I know that, as usual, he will already be there grinning at me and asking, “Where you been?”  God broke the mold when He made Dr. Dick.  God bless all of you and all those of us who were privileged to know, and benefit from, our acquaintance with Richard T. Waibel, PhD.”

James G. Seebold

PIC: IFRF Boston conference 2009

Dick Waibel acknowledges Janos Beer as an Honorary Member of the IFRF