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      Peter Roberts

The 22nd German Flame Days
The Flame Days season commenced last week in Braunschweig, Germany, with the 22nd German Flame Days on 21st and 22nd September.  The location and facilities were excellent – congratulation to TU Braunschweig – the conference well attended (circa 220 participants) – not surprisingly there was a very good programme – congratulations to the fine co-operation between the VDI, the German Section of the Combustion Institute and of course to the German Flame Research Committee, the DVV.

Of particular relevance to the IFRF was the award of the Rudolf Günther Prize for Combustion Research to Prof. Klaus Hein, former IFRF Investigator (1966-1971) and Member of the IFRF Joint Committee (Education and Training). Congratulations to Klaus!

The Importance of Flame Days
Flame days are an essential part of the IFRF co-operation. They are organised by the National Committees for Flame Research associated to the IFRF, and usually address a specific combustion related topic. Such meetings are often organised jointly by two or more national committees. Similarly it is frequently the case that other related organisations such as the national sections of the Combustion Institute, participate in the organisation of these meetings

They are organised typically as International Conferences or Symposia, and are open to all representatives of the full IFRF Membership Network. It is usual that non-IFRF members can apply to participate and to experience the work of the IFRF and its constituent organisations.  Such meetings are important to IFRF Members and non-members alike.

What Flame Days are coming up?
Full details can always be found at: http://www.calendar.ifrf.net/classifications.html?class_id=5.

There you will find details of:

Combura 2005 – Combustion Research and Application
(Dutch Flame Days) – Nieuwegein, Netherlands – Friday 14th Oct 2005.

SWEDISH – FINNISH FLAME DAYS 2005 – Challenges in combustion technology – Borås, Sweden – 18th and 19th Oct 2005.

2005 British Flame Days – Meeting Tomorrows Challenges Today
The Royal Horticultural Halls (RHS), London, UK, 20th and 21st Oct 2005.

2005 AFRC International Symposium on Dynamics and Control of Industrial Combustion Processes (American Flame Days), Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA, USA,  7th and 8th Nov 2005.

Register now for you “local” Flame Days – Note that at all coming Flame days there are two IFRF Presentations:

“Towards industrial application of High Efficiency Combustion” – Summary of the results and applications of the Members Research Programme – High Efficiency Combustion.

Combustion Trends for the Future %u2013 an IFRF Perspective – An update on IFRF Developments

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