• Fives’ eco-friendly furnaces for a modernised plant in China

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      Lucy Straker

      IFRF Administration & Communication Coordinator

HBIS Group, one of the world largest steel makers, contracted IFRF member, Fives to design and supply environmentally friendly furnaces for two continuous galvanising lines (CGL 1 & CGL 2) for their new site in Laoting, Hebei province in China.

Fives has been entrusted with the design, manufacture and supply of the complete thermal parts for:

  • CGL 1 – 440,000 tpy capacity (HSS and other automotive grades)
  • CGL 2 – 500,000 tpy capacity (exposed panels and other automotive grades).

HBIS Laoting has selected the best available thermal technology for these lines to ensure highest product quality with minimal environmental impact. Both lines will be equipped with Fives’ technologies: a Stein Digiflex® vertical furnace, including AdvanTek® combustion system and FlashCooling® system.

The Stein Digiflex®, specifically designed for complex thermal cycles and demanding applications, is part of Fives’ Engineered Sustainability® brand, which reassures customers of the equipment’s operational excellence and ultimate environmental performance. AdvanTek® combustion system, proprietary equipment from Fives, is the best available technology for reduced fuel gas consumption and NOx emissions.

The FlashCooling® solution is designed for demanding high-strength steels. It features high cooling rates combined with uniform temperature distribution in the furnace to keep perfect strip flatness during a high cooling rate stage. The FlashCooling® solution is key to comply with carmaker’s requirements.

The major part of the thermal sections will be manufactured locally and supervised by Fives’ entity Shanghai (China), while the crucial parts for the furnaces and cooling systems will be shipped from Europe. Both lines aim to produce their first coil by 2020.

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