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Today we have published online, the first of two IFRF Commissioning Reports relating to the new IFRF Facility for the execution of the IFRF Members’ Research Project “High Efficiency Combustion – HEC”.

The above mentioned commissioning report has been prepared at the IFRF Communications Centre for publication online, based on the IFRF Research Station Report  “COMMISSIONING REPORT: HEC-EEC Furnace and Burners (Part 1)” by Peter Hoppesteyn, Ferry Frinking and Willem van de Kamp.  It is published as IFRF Doc C108/y/1.

C108/y/1 is the first of the two reports presenting the commissioning activities of the new HEC-EEC Furnace, and describes the majority of the commissioning work.

Within the scope of the High Efficiency Combustion/Excess Enthalpy Combustion (HEC/EEC) project the new experimental furnace and a set of two regenerative burners have been designed, engineered, purchased, constructed and commissioned.

This report presents the technical and functional specifications of the furnace and the burners, the measurement equipment used in the commissioning tests and to be used in the experimental trials, and the initial results obtained during the first commissioning test and conclusions.

C108/y/2 will be published shortly.  The final stages of commissioning have been completed. The first combustion trials with natural gas have been commenced and will continue in the New Year.  In the open information presented on the website, a sequence of photographs taken during the various phases of construction of the HEC-EEC furnace are published.

How do I find the report? As follows:

  • Go online.
  • Go to http://www.research.ifrf.net.
  • Read the liability disclaimer – click “I agree” or not as the case may be.
  • Browse “Ongoing in 2003”
  • Click on the project title – High Efficiency Combustion.
  • At the top of the list of published documents, you will find  C108/y/1.
  • All readers may access the “Open Information” which includes the photographs
  • IFRF Individual Members may  click on the Report Title and gain access to the full report – Here you will be required to identify yourself (If you have not already logged in) – Give your User Name and Password as requested.
  • On receiving access to the report zone you have two basic ways to access the “Contents:
    • On the left hand side you will find a column of pdf icons – you can download the complete report (1466 kb), or in sections, and save it to your archive, print it and read it at your leisure.
    • On the right hand side, you can click on the chapter/section heading and download to your computer for “on screen browsing.
  • If you have any problems – email us at members-research@ifrf.net

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