• First Handbook Publication on Convective Heat Transfer

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This week, the IFRF Handbook publishes its first Combustion File relating to Convective Heat Transfer.

This Combustion File has been authored by Jeff Rhine of RhinEnergy, UK. Jeff is a member of the Handbook Editorial Board, with sub-editorial responsibility for ‘convective heat transfer’. This Combustion File describes the general principles of convective heat transfer. It is intended to serve as a general introduction to the topic, and as the anchor for a cluster of further Combustion Files Jeff is planning on this mode of heat transfer.

We would very much welcome your comments on this CF, and also any ideas you may have for

What is……………..?
How do I….. ?
What data is available on……..?
What tools are available for the calculation of…..?
questions that should be answered within this section of the Handbook. We are also open to offers of Combustion Files from potential authors who would like to publish established engineering guidance in this general area. Please address your comments to handbook@ifrf.net

Our thanks to Professor John Ward of the University of Glamorgan, in the UK, for refereeing this Combustion File.

This ‘open domain’ Combustion File may read or downloaded at www.handbook.ifrf.net, by selecting ‘New Combustion Files’ after accepting the disclaimer screen. Other Combustion Files on related themes may be found by using the links built into the Combustion File, or by searching the Handbook with the  keywords like ‘heat transfer’  or ‘convection’.