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Typically, the annual seminar is characterised by the review of all publically funded combustion or fuel-conversion research in  Finland.  In addition, all participants have the opportunity to present their on-going research.

This year IFRF director Leonardo Tognotti kicked off the proceedings with an overview of IFRF activities and plans, which was highly appreciated by the FFRC and all the participants. In addition, during the days before and after Liekkipäivä, Prof Tognotti was hosted by some of the FFRC member organisations.

The seminar program itself consisted of almost 25 combustion-related technical presentations and several posters.  Both industrial and academic organisations were represented.   The presentations were spread over in six sessions (two sessions running in parallel), and offered a comprehensive overview of the on-going combustion-related research in Finland. The presentation slides (almost all of them in English) will be available shortly on the FFRC web-site at www.tut.fi/units/me/ener/IFRF/IFRF.html.

The number of Liekkipäivä participants and organizations represented have been growing for four consecutive years; this year 109 participants from 29 different organisations attended the event! Many of the participants, 50 out of 109, came from industry. The success of Liekkipäivä guarantees that similar events will be organised again in the future.