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The Conclusions of the CFD Validation Workshop held at Turku in June are now available for download by IFRF Members.  Subscribers to the CFD Forum may access their copy directly from the Forum where four special interest groups are shortly to be created.

At this fourth in the CFD Workshop series, it was agreed to continue to review progress annually on this key IFRF Member activity across all Industry and Academic Sectors.  The next annual CFD workshop will be built into the IFRF Members Conference 18 to be held in France in June 2012.

During the Workshop it was also agreed that the existing CFD Forum on the IFRF website would be used to facilitate the formation and operation of four special interest groups within the IFRF’s CFD Validation Community.  The four topics and their respective leaders are:

  • Bench mark cases for CODE verification (Willi Nastoll, IFPEN, France)
  • Conversion of fuel specific data to modelling input (Leo Tognotti, CPR, Italy)
  • Conversion of operational data to boundary conditions (Markus Engblom, Åbo Akademi, Finland)
  • Conversion of CFD-results to meaningful information (Phil Smith, Institute for Clean and Secure Energy, USA )

In the coming weeks, the topic leaders will each establish within the CFD Forum a new topic/thread for their special interest group.  Forum subscribers will receive an automatic alert when a new thread is initiated.  Anyone not currently subscribed to the CFD Forum and who wishes to gain access should contact Tracey Biller.

As they become available, the presentations made at the Turku CFD Workshop will also be uploaded into the IFRF website alongside the Conclusions document and Programme, already online.  Interested parties are invited to check back regularly for new information.