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The new look IFRF website goes live this evening.  Aimed primarily at offering clearer navigation through the multiple databases which are the storehouse of the IFRF’s information archives, the website revamp represents the first phase of a larger data integration project which will unfold as resources become available.

In this phase, the site layout has been reorganized and the main content transferred to a content management system.  This has allowed for an overhaul of the visual design and a complete rewrite of the supporting text.  The underlying databases have been left untouched.  As such, users will move – we hope fairly smoothly, between the new website and the various legacy systems where our data is stored.

In successive phases the legacy systems will be rewritten and gradually integrated into a unified whole  offering the user a seamless and entirely pleasurable navigation experience.  We will rely on our users for guidance as to the priority areas for further development beyond Phase One, and all are invited to give the site a test drive as soon as possible at www.ifrf.net.  Please allow us a day or two to fix small teething problems.  (Thanks in advance for your patience!) After that, comments and suggestions will be enthusiastically received by Tracey Biller.

Our website, and particularly the menu system, has been specifically designed to communicate our products and services clearly and concisely, and to guide users as efficiently as possible to the information they require.  Also, a flexible system of content blocks on the home page allows us to draw attention to breaking news and items of other interest.  These will be regularly changed and updated to ensure a constant flow of useful information to and from Members between fortnightly editions of MNM.

Our thanks go to Luke and Daniel Roberts of Intervisors Internet for technical design and development and to Roberto Cioni of Net Group in Livorno who conceptualized and created IFRF’s new visual identity.