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There are a very few days left to register for the English French Flame Committees’ Flame Days event in Lille France over 9 and 10 March.  Entitled “Challenges in Combustion Technology: Security of supply, efficiency and development”, the event is fully detailed on the IFRF Calendar where registration forms are also available.

We repeat last week’s call for papers for the IFRF’s 16th International Members’ Conference in Boston in June.  The dedicated conference website contains all the details currently available for this event which has been titled  “Combustion and sustainability: new technologies, new fuels, new challenges”.

This week ENEA, the Italian Agency for Energy, Environment and New Technologies, and the Italian Association “CO2Club” announce the international conference on “Sustainable Fossil Fuels for Future Energy” (S4FE 2009) which takes place in Rome, Italy from 6-10 July.