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New additions to the Events Calendar this week include two CENERTEC short courses which both take place in Lisbon in February and will be co-presented by Prof. John Ward and Dr. Bob Tucker. ENERGY EFFICIENT DESIGN AND OPERATION OF INDUSTRIAL FURNACES  is a two day course which kicks off on February 10 whilst IMPROVING FURNACE OPERATION AND DESIGN THROUGH THE USE OF THERMAL MODELLING  is set for 12 February.

Italian members are invited to a one day workshop in Milan  and Finnish and Swedish members to their Flame Days  on 28 and 29 January.  The British and French Flame Days are on 9th and 10th March in Lille France.

As indicated in the last issue of MNM, the TOTeM meetings are at different stages of organisation.  Posters will still be accepted for TOTeM 31  “Oxy-Combustion technologies and applications”, registrations are open for TOTeM 32  “Overcoming ash related restrictions on effective solid fuel utilisation”, and expressions of interest are invited for TOTeM 33  “Challenges in Rotary Kiln Combustion Processes”.

Plans are already afoot for the 16th IFRF Members Conference in Boston in June 2009.  Information about upcoming events to be publicised in the Monday Night Mail should be forwarded to Tracey Biller here