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      Peter Roberts

Serena Camaiani has informed us that EuroFlam Visiting Investigators Ms. Sylvia Martinez and Mr. Leonardo Rangel have completed their work in ENEL.

Sylvia has worked on “Development of a Tool for Fault Diagnosis in Gas Turbine Combustion System” and “Investigation about Generators Faults and Diagnosis”.  Her work was part of a big project aimed at developing an expert system that would be able to diagnose faults in power plant. She told us that after the EUROFLAM Programme, she will take part on the Diploma course in Fluid Dynamic in Van Karman Institute, Belgium. For details you can visit her profile at:


Meanwhile, Leonardo worked on a research project aimed to perform a theoretical investigation of an industrial low NOx burner using CFD. By using the data available from IFRF natural gas burner experiments, a 2D model was developed to investigate the effect of swirl, fuel staging and flue gas recirculation.  He mentioned to us that after finishing his stint as a EUROFLAM investigator, he will go back to Leeds University, UK and  finish his PhD studies. For full details you can visit his profile at:


MNM Editor’s Note:

Are you interested in Funded Research and Training at Large Scale Combustion Facilities? There are vacancies right now at Cardiff University in Wales, UK, ENEL, Pisa, Italy, and IFRF NET, at IJmuiden in the Netherlands.

Participation in the EuroFlam3 programme is open to engineers, research scientists and technical support staff who are interested in doing research in the global field of energy conversion.

As part of the EuroFlam3 programme, access is provided free of charge to the applicant to the Major Combustion Research Infrastructures available at either Cardiff University, Wales, ENEL Production – Research, Italy and IFRF Research Station, The Netherlands. In addition financial support is also offered which covers subsistence and travel for periods up to six months at any one of Infrastructures.

If you are interested in applying to do research under the EuroFlam3 Programme then visit our EUROFLAM website.


This site also has details of the facilities available and the type of research performed at each of the Combustion Research Infrastructures and has downloadable applications forms. There is no closing date for applications, which may be made at any time.