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In 1987, to mark the 150th anniversary of the Company’s foundation, Italgas instituted for a period of 10 years, the “Italgas Prize for Research and Technological Innovation”, with the aim of promoting and creating added value in social and civil development fields.
In those days the Prize was open only to candidatures from countries of the European Union, Central and Eastern Europe, and Mediterranean Countries, on the basis of the Bilateral Agreements of European Collaboration, in course of definition at that time.

In July 2002, the Italgas Board of Directors decided to launch a new three year cycle of the Prize, starting from 2003, emphasising the environmental aims and extending it world wide. The XVI Edition, first edition of this last cycle, took the name of “ENI Italgas Prize for Energy and Environment” and saw the Scientific Secretariat hosted by the Fondazione ENI Enrico Mattei in Milano.

For this year’s XIX Edition the ENI Italgas Prize Science and Environment, the Scientific Research Prize, is worth Euro 120,000. The two Prizes for Young Researchers are worth Euro 20,000 each and the prize for Popularization of Science through works that promote the public understanding of science, Euro 10,000.

The Prizes will be assigned during an Official Award Winning Ceremony that will be held in March 2007 in Torino.
The closing date for submissions is October 6th 2006. Detailed information can be found at:  www.premioitalgas.it , where  by selecting ‘Official Announcement and Regulations now available’ you will find the official announcement of the Prize Science and Environment, together with the regulations and application forms.