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      Peter Roberts

The IFRF is committed to a general programme relating to sustainable energy supplies to industry. This theme does not only apply to research; it is also clearly a subject to be pursued in the IFRF Online Combustion Handbook.

In the Handbook there is a developing Filing Cabinet reserved for “Fuels and Comburents”, containing Drawers labeled for:

  • Introduction to Fuels
  • Biomass
  • Coals and Cokes
  • Fuels Production Technologies

It is our intention to expand this section of the knowledge base extensively over the coming months.

Today we are adding three combustion files related to coal resources, all authored by John Smart. These are:

CF178 What are the principle global sources of coal? – Open Domain
CF192 What are the principle geographical sources of coal in the Americas? -Members’ Domain
CF193 What are the principle geographical sources of coal in Europe? – Members’ Domain

These will be followed shortly with a further three CFs detailing geographical sources in the rest of the world.

To view or download the new Combustion Files, please go to www.handbook.ifrf.net and select ‘new files’ from the left hand frame once you have passed the disclaimer screen.

Although, these files may only be viewed by IFRF Individual Members, there is a number of Combustion Files within the Handbook on related topics that can also be read by non-members – please search the Handbook using the keyword “fuel” for example.