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      Peter Roberts

Two weeks ago we published a Professorial Vacancy at IVD, within the Technical University of Stuttgart. We are reminding our readers this week for two reasons:

  • Since that article was published, full information has been published in the IFRF Online Combustion Session, within the Employment Exchange – for web address see below;
  • Secondly, we should remind you that although the appointment commences on 1st October 2004, the application should be in the hands of the University on 14th March 2003.

Thus if you are thinking of applying, you will need to act with a certain degree of urgency. All details are available at: http://www.combustion-centre.ifrf.net/employment/uni-stuttgart/index.html.

Professor Hein

We have received some questions concerning this post which is advertised as the “Successor to Professor Klaus R. G. Hein”. We must confirm that our colleague Professor Klaus Hein, will certainly not leave Stuttgart in the short term. However, as with all of us, he does have a date after which he must retire. It is simply the case that the University is wisely giving itself time to acquiring a suitable successor – not an easy task.

Editors Note:
Readers should note that Member Organisations have the opportunity to place job adverts in the Combustion Centre; similarly engineers and/or scientists educated/trained in the field of fuels, combustion and environmental related fields, may propose adverts.