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      Peter Roberts

It is with great regret that we inform you of the death of Emilio Parodi.

Mrs Fiumara, Secretary of Italian Flame wrote to us saying: “…On December 2nd Emilio Parodi, former Investigator at the IFRF research Station and representative of the SSC in the Italian Committee, passed away. Emilio was a very good friend and a reliable colleague in the Combustion Community. The Italian Committee will miss him greatly.”

Emilio was a member of the International Staff at the IFRF Research Station in the early 1980s. His colleagues will remember his work in relation to sulphur capture. He was responsible for the design of the first iso-thermal plug flow reactor at IJmuiden, used originally for the characterisation a series of limestones and dolomites.

On behalf of his many colleagues, we would like to add our condolences to Emilio’s family, to those of the Italian Committee.