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On 21 April, the first technical meeting of the IFRF’s EFRI group takes place in Cardiff.  Entitled Challenges in the Design and Operation of High Pressure Combustion Test Rigs, the event introduces a programme of technical exchange meetings focussed on operational and measurement techniques in specific categories of combustion test rigs.   This particular meeting is being organized by the IFRF and Cardiff University in association with TOTeM 34, and will be of interest to owners or operators of high pressure combustion test rigs who wish to share their practical experiences of the practical aspects of rig ownership and operation. 

EFRI currently comprises an informal network of owners and users of combustion test rigs, and is facilitated by the IFRF.  The meeting is open to EFRI members only and no participation fee will be requested.  Non EFRI members may apply for Membership at the same time as registering for the event.

A summary brochure has now been added to the information about the event on the IFRF Events Calendar – see above link.  Any queries should be directed to Neil Fricker.