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The European Flame Research Initiative (EFRI) was launched by the IFRF at its 2007 Members Conference in Pisa.  EFRI brings together over 30 European organisations who are interested in working together within a network of industry-focused combustion test facilities.  Current activities include the establishment of an on-line searchable database of European Combustion Test Rigs, and the arrangement of occasional meetings where rig owners and users can discuss details of  combustion test rig operation and design.

On June 16th 2010, the first of these meetings will be held at the premises of Doosan Babcock Energy Ltd. in Renfrew, Scotland with the specific aim of discussing the design and operation of combustion test rigs operating on oxygen, including oxy-coal.  The meeting will focus on aspects of rig operation, and will not attempt to present or discuss scientific results obtained on such rigs.

The meeting is open to all registered members of EFRI and there is no entry fee.  EFRI Membership is open to all EU organisations owning, operating or using industry focused combustion test rigs, as well as to IFRF Members world wide.  Membership is free of charge.  If you are interested in associating with EFRI, please contact Tracey Biller of the IFRF’s Livorno Office.

The agenda for the Renfrew meeting is as follows:

  • Background to EFRI and EFRI rig database
  • Nature/format of Meeting
  • Identification of topics/issues that the participants wish to cover
  • Round table discussions on topics identified (all discussions focus on test rig operation, not on full scale or production plant)
    • Safety
    • Recirculation of flue gas vs once through operation
    • In-leakage
    • Control of experiments
    • In flame measurements, eg at
      • very high temperatures
      • very high water content
      • very high SOx
    • Other topics identified above
  • Comments on meeting
  • Feedback and actions

On Thursday June 17th there will be an opportunity to visit the Doosan Babcock Research Centre , including their 80MW burner test rig which is now equiped to run with oxy-coal burners. This visit will be limited to 3 groups of ten people with places allocated on a first come basis.

A full brochure with further information about the meeting, location and accommodation arrangements is available, together with a registration form  which covers both meetings on http://www.calendar.ifrf.net/event.html?id=342 . Please note that the block booking of rooms at a hotel close to Doosan Babcock will be released after May 31st, so you may wish to reserve your room before then to guarantee the most convenient accommodation.


IFRF is grateful to Doosan Babcock Energy Ltd. for hosting this meeting.