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EDF Group University is the venue for the technical meeting to be hosted in Chatou next Monday by EDF R&D and entitled “Combustion characterisation techniques for pulverized coal / Needs for modelling and validation of coal combustion in PC Boilers”

Agenda items for the one day meeting on 23 November include “The methodology of coal characterization in a drop tube furnace” , and “Code-Saturne® : 3D modelling of coal combustion/oxy-combustion/ co-combustion in Boilers”.  Amongst various contributions from the IFRF are “Combustion characterisation techniques for pulverized coal” and “Mathematical modelling of the Isothermal Plug Flow Reactor (IPFR)”. Dr. Jarek Hercog will also present the IFRF’s Solid Fuel Database

The full agenda and other information can be accessed on the IFRF Events Calendar.  Anyone interested in attending the meeting should contact EDF coordinator Anne-Lise Brasseur by Wednesday 18 November.