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IFRF Members may now peruse and also download the presentations offered at the Coal Characterisation Workshop held in Chatou earlier this month.

As reported in last week’s MNM, about 25 people attended the meeting, mainly from EDF R&D and IFRF, but also from GRE Laboratory – University of Haute Alsace, France, Abo Akademi, Finland, Doosan Babcock Energy Ltd., UK, Laborelec, Belgium and Cardiff University, UK.

The following presentations are available now for download:

  • Characterisation of solid fuel for industrial combustion applications, Leo Tognotti
  • Solid Fuel Databases, Enrico Biagini
  • Char oxidation Kinetics from IFRF Solid Fuel Database, Karlstrom et al, Abo Akademi
  • IFRF Isothermal plug flow reactor: Characteristics and qualification, Marcucci, Galletti et al
  • Modeling Coal Oxidation ready for CCS, Dal Secco and Plion
  • Natural gas and pulverized coal combustion with oxygen and flue gas recycling, Leo Tognotti

Still awaiting upload is the GRE Laboratory presentation on the different causes of uncertainties in conducting Drop Tube Furnace experiments on coals.  This will be made available as soon as possible along with a summary of the proceedings