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The Seminar 3C: Coal Characterization workshop is part of the EDF-IFRF Work-out program “Methodology for the characterization of pulverized coals: the need, the experimental conditions to obtain reliable data” – which started last year and continued during 2010, with both experimental and model validation activities.  The aim of this particular event is to define the information needed for comprehensive modeling of coal combustion and the techniques and methods to obtain such information.

Agenda items for the one day meeting include, on the experimental side, an overview of solid fuel characterisation  methods and related modeling issues; the IFRF team will present recent experiences on the most common methodology for getting high temperature, high heating rate information on coal combustion: Isothermal Plug Flow Reactors/Drop tube furnaces.  For the latter, examples of methodologies, uncertainties evaluation, and brand new data will be shown.  Particular attention will be devoted to the assessment of experimental uncertainties and of kinetics for coal combustion in comprehensive modeling.  EDF and IFRF will also present recent results on modeling activities on oxy-coal combustion.  

A preliminary agenda can be viewed on the IFRF Events Calendar.  Within the next few days the final agenda and other information will be available.  Anyone interested in attending the meeting should contact EDF coordinator Lynda Porcheron by Friday 8 November.  A contact email address is provided in the event description.

The programme is open to variations on the basis of possible additional contributions from IFRF members interested in presenting their studies and solid fuel characterisation.  If you wish to participate with a contribution, contact IFRF Director Leo Tognotti or Lynda Porcheron as soon as possible.

As usual for IFRF events, the presentations and a wrap up report will be published in the Conferences, Workshops and TOTeMs section of the IFRF website.  Watch MNM for details.