• EC Horizon 2020 update – Calls now open on ‘enabling near-zero CO2 emissions from fossil fuel power plants and carbon intensive industries’!

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      Philip Sharman

      IFRF Director

As anticipated in previous MNM pieces (February 2018, October 2017, August 2017), the 15th May saw a number of energy ‘calls’ relevant to IFRF members under the European Commission (EC) Horizon 2020 Research & Innovation (R&I) Programme (H2020) go ‘live’.

The ‘Enabling near-zero CO2 emissions from fossil fuel power plants and carbon intensive industries’ (NZE) Calls on  ‘Advanced CO2 capture technologies’,  ‘Conversion of captured CO2’, and  ‘Strategic planning for carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) development’ are all now open.  For more information on these Calls (and others anticipated to go live in 2019 and 2020)

Particular information on these three Calls can be found at:

MNM readers should note that the deadline for submission of proposals is 6th September.

If IFRF members wish to liaise with IFRF on establishing proposals, or wish to use IFRF to broker any partnerships, please contact Philip Sharman (philip.sharman@ifrf.net).