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As part of its European Flame Research Initiative (EFRI), IFRF organises occasional small round table events for owners and users of specific classes of rigs or measurement equipment. These workshops focus only on the issues of operating such rigs and instruments, and do not seek to present scientific results obtained with them. There is often no time to discuss practical issues like this at scientific conferences.

To date, the series has included:

  • Oxy-coal test rigs
  • High pressure (GT) combustion test rigs
  • FTIR for in-flame gas composition measurements

Following on from IFRF and the RELCOM project presentations at the recent 11th European Conference on Coal Research and its Applications (ECCRIA) in Sheffield, it is clear that challenges exist in interpretation of solid fuel characterisation data obtained on different Drop Tube rigs such as the IFRF’s Isothermal Plug Flow Reactor (IPFR). The IFRF therefore proposes to invite ‘Owners and Users’ of all types of drop-tube used for solid fuel combustion characterisation to come together at a round table to exchange experience in measuring and interpreting their data. The event will also provide an opportunity to compare data for the same solid fuels acquired on different rigs, or to propose such comparisons.

Owners and users of drop tubes are invited to express their interest in participating in such an event during the late Autumn of 2016. Please send expressions of interest, without obligation or commitment to info@ifrf.net