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Whilst IFRF members may already access and download current IFRF reports, those published between January 2005 and the present date, directly from the Members Research section of the site at http://www.research.ifrf.net/research/new.html, the new search engine provides access to information about each of over 5000 archived reports which were published before January 2005.  In a marathon project which was completed early this year, these paper reports were individually recaptured in PDF format and an electronic replica of the IFRF library  created. It is this mass of information which the search engine is now able to query online for the convenience of combustion researchers throughout the world.

To access the new online search facility, go to the the IFRF home page at http://www.ifrf.net/ and click on Search Document Archive in the Library section.  A full HELP facility is available to guide users through the search process.  Once the required document has been identified, a copy may be requested from IFRF headquarters using the email form provided. In the case of IFRF Member organisations, the request should be channeled through the MCP. 

We are certain that this facility will be extremely useful to the combustion community and would very much appreciate users’ comments and feedback on info@ifrf.net.

We invite MNM readers to take a look at the IFRF website on or after 24 December.

Happy Browsing!