• Disposal of IFRF Research Station Rigs – Final offers

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The experimental facilities of the IFRF Research Station in IJmuiden were returned to ownership of Corus RDT when the Research Station suspended its experimental activities last year. Following our initial announcement in April, there now remain only a small number of items for disposal. A list of the remaining rigs and contact details for those interested in further information is given below. The items are:

  • Test furnace number 2. A 1.2m square * 4.3m (unlined) sectional test rig with a brick lining installed (thermal rating range 0.5MW-2MW) mainly used for gaseous or liquid fuel firing and has been used for limited heavy liquid fuel and pulverised coal testing. Probably needs extensive refurbishment.

  • A horizontal oil spray characterisation rig, used for the Oiltec series of IFRF tests. Corus have removed the associated LASER which is not available for purchase.


  • 2MW (approx) Moving Block Variable Swirl Generator with various adapters, tubes etc for lining to burners. One of the two devices is still available. Since they were first developed in the 1960s as a coal and then natural gas burner (C16 and NG1 trials), this type of swirl generator was used as the air-side of most IFRF trials run on the former number 1 furnace. They thus represent the standard swirling airflow device for many IFRF trials reports during this period.



The swirl generators are probably in better condition than appears on the photos.

  • Small moving block swirl generator for isothermal modelling (no photographs, looks in pristine condition and is kept in the IFRF archive room ie clean and dry)

  • Ammonia sampling system. 

The condition of all of these would need to be verified by the acquirer.
The following items are to be re-installed at the ENEL Livorno laboratory where they will become available for use of IFRF Members as part of the new arrangements when the IFRF moves to Livorno later this year:

  • Isothermal Plug Flow Reactor (IPFR). The IFRF ‘standard’ method for characterising coals and other solid fuels, including bio fuels and wastes, and their blends. 

  • OxyFlam Calibration rig.

Anyone interested in acquiring items from the above list please contact neil.fricker@ifrf.net in the first instance. Your enquiries will be noted and forwarded to the appropriate person within Corus IJmuiden with whom you may then establish direct contact regarding the rigs.