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Subsequent to an initial workshop at the IFRF’s 15th Members Conference where Solid Fuel Characterisation was confirmed as a key interest area for Members, the IFRF has sought to facilitate active Member participation in its programme on the development of a Solid Fuel Database (IFRF SFDB).  Today we announce the launch of the IFRF’s online SFDB Discussion Forum.

The idea of the Forum was first mooted at a kickoff workshop held at the Technical University of Munich, Germany in June 2008 and entitled “Solid Fuel Database Workshop”.  The workshop Chairman was Prof. Hartmut Spliethoff of Technical University Munich and a significant number of IFRF Member organisations sent representatives.  A summary of the day’s proceedings as well as IFRF report no. E 36/y/02 on the status of the SFDB programme can be accessed here. 

In addition to the establishment of a dedicated online Forum, the action plan resulting from the workshop included:

  • Creation of a programme for an ad hoc Working Group
  • Distribution of evaluation copies of the existing database to selected IFRF Members for comment
  • Set up of a benchmarking programme for drop tubes/entrained flow reactors and definition of a qualification procedure for such a device. 

The Forum will provide a platform from which to take the action plan further.  The intention is to use it also to discuss:

  • CFD/ sub models needs
  • Recommendations for ash characterisation additional to SFDB
  • Proposed additions for other system rather than pulverised fuel combustions, i.e. Fixed Bed  and Fluidised beds and other methods (i.e. HWM reactors)

IFRF Members who attended the Munich Workshop have already been registered in the Forum and can sign in with their user names and passwords here.  Anyone interested in participating in the Forum should contact Tracey Biller here.  A topic thread has already been introduced to get discussion underway.