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      Peter Roberts

Livio Minoggio, Main Contact Person of Ecta-Kromschroeder, Member Organisation of the Italian Committee has infromed us that Ecta presented a 2-day course for engineers and graduates in combustion technologies in Milan last week – 12th &13th November 2003.

The event was quite successful and several lecturers from acadeia and R&D and engineering companies made their best efforts to compress  many relevant items into the allotted time.

The purpose of the two-day course is to show important features of combustion control applied to natural gas fired systems in industrial plants.

Introduction recalls basic combustion principles, followed by theory of the flame.  A central chapter concerns gas equipment according to safety rules and burner classification.

Eventually, process control systems and emissions limits are briefly described.  The opportunity of joining IFRF for small industrial companies was also advertised from the podium.

Attendance, mainly from SMEs in the furnace and equipment technology from northern Italy, was limited to 15 people as many applications had to be postponed until the next event that will take place in spring 2004.