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      Peter Roberts

Since the successful IJmuiden TOTeM* cluster, we have been busy planning the TOTeM Campaign for the Autumn 2003 through to the 14th Members Conference in May 2004. We have completed the majority of the outline planning and we are making the preliminary announcements today so that you can reserve dates in your agenda/diary. Complete details will be published soon in the full announcements.

TOTeM25 – The Stockholm TOTeM

We have joined forces with SFRC – Swedish Flame, and particularly with KTH – the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm and Jernkantoret, for the organisation of TOTeM25.

When: Midday Thursday 23rd to afternoon Friday 24th October 2003.
Where: Jernkantoret, Stockholm, Sweden
Theme: The Quest for Zero Emissions in Industrial Furnaces – State of the Art and Future Development of High Temperature Air Combustion:
  • Session1 – Emissions Reduction in the Iron and Steel Industry
  • Session2 – Challenges for Emissions Reduction with HTAC in a Broad Range of Industries
Chairman: Dr Wlodzimierz BLASIAK, KTH

TOTeM26 and TOTeM27 – The Birmingham TOTeM Cluster

For the development and organisation of this cluster, we have joined forces with British Flame – Local Organiser – Jeff Rhine.

When: Tuesday 25th to Wednesday 26th November 2003.
Where: Birmingham, England
Theme: TOTeM 26: Carbon Dioxide – Control – Concentration – Sequestration – Emissions Trading – . . . 

TOTeM27: Process Heating in Petroleum, Petro-chemical and Chemical industries: Identifying Trends and Satisfying Needs through Leveraged External Research.

Chairman: TOTeM26: To be appointed

TOTeM27: Dr. Jim Seebold, ChevronTexaco (ret.)

This TOTeM Cluster will be preceded by the 148th Meeting of the Joint Committee Joint Committee at the same location 0n Monday.

The 14th IFRF Members Conference – MC14

When: Wednesday 12th to Friday 14th May 2004.
Where: Noordwijkerhout, Netherlands
Theme: A Sustainable Fuel Supply for Industrial Utilisation – A Challenge for the IFRF.
Chairman: Nico Thijssen – IFRF President

This Members Conference will be preceded by the 149th Meeting of the Joint Committee Joint Committee at the same location, on Tuesday 11th May 2004.

*Editor’s Note
TOTeM – IFRF Topic Oriented Technical Meeting – Individual Members should not forget that the full report for TOTeM23 “Efficiency and Flexibility of Energy Use in the Iron and Steel Industry: Minimise Costs and CO2 Emissions”[N Fricker, J Rhine and F Fitzgerald, IFRF Doc No: D121/y/12, IJmuiden April 2003] can be read/downloaded from:


The full report for TOTeM24 has been completed and is being prepared for publication.