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      Peter Roberts

New Search Engine

Last week, we announced the publication of the Conclusions and Summary of TOTeM19 “Combustion Oscillation and Hum – Problems and Opportunities” (May 2002- Chairman: Neil Fricker), including all presentations, summaries and detailed conclusions.

Since then we have added an additional feature to the TRENDS website, namely a full “Search” utility.

This utility is capable, based on keywords and author’s names, of identifying project reports on particular topics. This will become more and more useful as the number of projects increase.

But in addition to this there is an added capability to search for summaries and associated presentations within, for example, a TOTeM report, again using either keywords or author’s names.  This considerably enhances the utility of the search engine.

New TOTeMs in Planning

In addition to this, for 2003, we would like to announce to everyone the 23rd and 24th Topic Oriented Technical Meetings (TOTeM23 and TOTeM24).

IJmuiden TOTeM Series

Combustion Trends in Iron, Steel & Non-Ferrous Metal Industries


Challenges in the Development of
High Efficiency Combustion
The IFRF Excess Enthalphy Combustion Project

18th – 19th March 2003

IFRF Communication Centre
Regionaal Technologie Centrum
Velsen Noord, The Netherlands

IFRF Research Station
IJmuiden, The Netherlands

The development of the programmes are on-going. So watch out for the next announcement for these TOTeMs!