• Combustion of Pulverised Coal with Oxygen and Recycled Flue Gas

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      Peter Roberts

Today the IFRF re-publishes a Research Report IFRF Doc No: F98/y/04 by Daryl Woycenco et al, entitled:

“Combustion of Pulverized Coal in a mixture of Oxygen and Recycled Flue Gas”.

This report is the 4th of a series of Research Reports prepared at the IFRF Research Station in the period 1994-1995 on this general topic.  It summarises the overall results of the IFRF Research Station work at that time in a programme which was probably the first demonstration of the process at a near industrial scale. With the present day interest in in this subject (See associated MNM Article 2) we believe that the results are still pertinent to our Members today.

We are publishing this report as a downloadable PDF document. In the days when it was first published, the IFRF produced only paper Research Reports.  The original has been scanned an this version id placed in our Members Research Programme Website –  http://www.research.ifrf.net – from where it may be downloaded as a PDF with an html summary.

The IFRF work was part of a wider co-operative programme co-funded by the European Commission within the JouleII programme. The general objective was to assess the technical and economic feasibility of carbon dioxide separation from the flue gas of coal fired power plant for subsequent dumping.

This process could permit near zero carbon dioxide emissions from power production from fossil sources. It can be achieved by increasing the concentration of carbon dioxide in the flue gas to levels where efficient liquefaction becomes feasible; which can generally be done by eliminating nitrogen from the system by burning the coal with oxygen instead of air.

The overall programme was divided into three project areas, with overall coordination by the IFRF. The Project Areas were:

1. Pulverised coal combustion systems for CO2 capture

Coordinated by Babcock Energy Limited

Participating partners were:

  • University of Ulster (GB)
  • University of Naples (IT)
  • Air Products (GB)

2. Evaluation of advanced coal-based systems for power generations

Coordinated by IFRF

International Advisory Group: IFRF European Members

3. Coal combustion in advanced burners for minimal emissions and carbon dioxide reduction technologies

Coordinated by Rolls Royce International Combustion Limited

Participating partners were:

  • Imperial College (GB)
  • Lambda Technical (GR)
  • IST Lisboa (PT)
  • Electr. de Portugal (PT)

This programme, although a decade old, set the scene for the present day major research thrust on this aspect of Carbon Sequestration.