• Combustion of By-Product Gases in the Iron and Steel industry

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      Peter Roberts

TOTeM23 is concerned with “Efficiency and Flexibility of Energy Use in the Iron and Steel Industry – Minimise Costs and CO2 emissions”.

The Keynote Speaker, Nico Thijssen, Director Process Research for Corus RD&T, will address the general topic of the TOTeM. An important aspect here, particularly in relation to cost minimisation, will be the potential to improve utilisation of by-product gases within integrated works.

In developing this subject further, we recall that at the IFRF Research Station there has been a considerable bulk of experimental work undertaken on heat transfer from mixtures of by product gases and on burner design characteristics for the firing of variable mixed gases. Consequently we will prepare a presentation summarising the work done and detailing the re-development of mixed gas firing facilities at the Research Station. For example, we will resume work on Coke Oven Gas – COG – firing within High Efficiency Combustion Research Programme and in other investigations in 2003. Simultaneously we will have the capability to fire enriched Blast Furnace Gas – BFG and to prepare fuel gases to simulate raw BFG and Basic Oxygen Steelmaking Gas – BOSG.

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The IJmuiden TOTeMs are being jointly organised by the IFRF Research Station and Communications Centre teams. Both meetings will be held in the conference room on premises of the IFRF Communications Centre in Velsen Noord, respectively on 18th and 19th March 2003.

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Editors Note:
*Originally TOTeM23 was described generically as “Combustion Trends in Iron, Steel and Non-Ferrous Metal Industries”. This title has been focussed to the one given above.