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On the Potential of Flameless Oxidation to Reduce NOx Emissions from Pulverized Coal Combustion

Authored by: D. Ristic, A. Schuster and G. Scheffknecht

Corresponding Author:
Dragisa Ristic
Institute of Process Engineering and Power Plant Technology (IVD),
University of Stuttgart,
Pfaffenwaldring 23,
70569 Stuttgart,
Tel.: +49-(0)711/685-68922
Fax: +49-(0)711/685-63491

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In the bench-scale tests presented in this paper the authors discuss the performance of HiTAC burner technology on NOx emissions over a range of air to fuel ratios and secondary air flow rates. The results here show that there is the possibility for NOx reductions and they describe the range of conditions where this is possible.

Keywords: Flameless oxidation, coal combustion, NOx emissions.

This paper examines the potential of flameless oxidation (FLOX®) to reduce NOx emissions from pulverized coal combustion. The experiments were carried out at a 20 kWt experimental furnace at the University of Stuttgart. Systematic parameter studies of the air ratio at the burner, the coal type and the secondary air velocity were made for flameless oxidation and flame combustion. The results of these tests are discussed and the potential of flameless oxidation technology to reduce NOx emissions from pulverized coal combustion is presented. Experiments have shown a considerable NOx reduction capability with the current FLOX®-coal burner design. These reductions depend mainly on the burner air ratio and the coal type.


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