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The IFRF’s On-line Combustion Handbook contains a searchable database of over 200 answers to questions of the type

  • What is…?
  • How do I…?
  • What data is available on…?
  • How do I calculate…?

Each question is answered in a Combustion File, two to three refereed A 4 pages written by a specialist author.  Each Combustion File contains just the essential information, equations, graphs, figures etc. needed to answer the question posed.  A Combustion File can be downloaded as a PDF or in the case of a calculation procedure, as an Excel file.

Work on the development of the On-line Combustion Handbook was suspended over the period of relocation from The Netherlands to Italy.  At its 157th (Renfrew) Meeting in June, the IFRF’s Joint Committee confirmed the earlier designation of Total’s Jacques Dugué as Chairman of the Handbook’s Editorial Board, and approved his proposal to publish additional Combustion Files including essential combustion engineering calculations in a spreadsheet format.

As an initial step in the Handbook relaunch, solid fuel characterisation data for coals, biomasses and wastes, garnered from a review of public domain papers during IFRF’s ‘PowerFlam 1’ project, have today been reclassified to the ‘Open Domain’ on the IFRF website.  This makes them available to the wider combustion community and not only to IFRF Members.

To inspect or download one or more of the 20 new reviews/data tables, a search using the keyword ‘powerflam’ is the most effective route.    The reclassified Combustion Files have the sequence numbers 151 to 170 inclusive in the list that will result from this search.

In the near future, with the guidance and encouragement of Jacques Dugué, IFRF will be taking additional steps to add to the Combustion Handbook resource by:

  • launching a programme to create and publish a series of Excel based calculation procedures to undertake key combustion engineering calculations;
  • re-initiating the preparation of new clusters of Combustion Files already planned/drafted by the Handbooks existing sub-editors;
  • Seeking additional sub-editors with an interest in developing new Combustion File Clusters in their specialist areas.

Further details of the proposed topics for Excel based calculation procedures will be announced in MNM after the summer break, but in the meantime, the Handbook Team would be pleased to respond to expressions of interest from organisations or individuals interested in association with the IFRF in these new endeavours.  Please contact Neil Fricker.

Click here for the general link to the IFRF Combustion Handbook.