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Editor of the John Zink Combustion Handbook, IFRF Member Chuck Baukal, is cooperating with Cambridge University Press  who are publishing a book entitled “A Gallery of Combustion and Fire”. The book will consist of colour images of a wide range of aspects of combustion including for example academic flames, industrial flames, fire, low gravity flames, and internal combustion engines.  One of the goals of the book is to supplement combustion textbooks for university courses.  The book is planned to be competitively priced to make it affordable for students as well as others. 

Everyone is invited and encouraged to submit images.  The deadline for submissions is December 31, 2016.  The book is scheduled for publication in late 2017 or early 2018.  Comments and suggestions on the content are welcome.

More details about the book and how to submit images  can be obtained from


or by contacting Chuck at:

Charles (Chuck) E. Baukal, Jr. Ph.D., Ed.D., P.E.

Director, John Zink Institute

John Zink Company LLC

11920 East Apache Street

Tulsa, OK  74116

T: +1.918.234.2854

F: +1.918.234.1939

E: charles.baukal@johnzink.com