• Combura 2005

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      Giovanni Coraggio

The Technology Foundation STW (Platform Clean and Efficient Combustion), the NVV (Nederlandse Vlam Vereniging) and the Dutch section of the Combustion Institute are organizing a one day symposium about Combustion Research and Application.

The symposium will take place in Nieuwegein, The Netherlands, on Friday, 14th October 2005. The deadline for sending paper is 3rd June 2005.

The main goal of the symposium is to create a central meeting point for people from industry and technological institutes working on applied research on the one hand and university researchers focusing on basic combustion studies on the other.


At the symposium special attention will be paid to CO2-emission trade and related items. CO2-emission trade is introduced in The Netherlands and other European countries in order to decrease energy consumption in the energy-intensive industry. For the companies involved, it is an important subject that must be considered in decisions regarding investments in new combustion technologies.

It is clear that reduction of CO2emission is a new driving force for the development of new combustion equipment, and the improvement of existing equipment. To discuss the possible technological advances, contributions from applied research in industry and technological institutes and from applied and fundamental research at universities, are welcome for the symposium.


Further information are available in the following IFRF Calendar Of Technical Events webpage: