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Report no. F112/y/01 has been published for Members on the IFRF website. Entitled “Coal characterization in oxy-firing conditions using the Isothermal Plug Flow Reactor. Part 2 – Experimental Results”, the report was prepared by  IFRF’s Giorgio Bonvicini, Giovanni Coraggio and Marco Faleni.

The document constitutes the second part of a comprehensive set of IFRF reports focusing on coal characterization under oxy-fuel combustion.  It includes all the results of the analyses performed on samples collected from the Isothermal Plug Flow Reactor (IPFR) and the conversion trends versus residence time for all the tests. Moreover, the same experiments performed in conventional and oxy-fuel combustion are compared, and some of the main differences between the two environments are identified.

Part 1 of this set of reports, published in February as Document no. G 26/y/01, contains the description of the IPFR with particular attention to the improvements which allowed it to work under oxy-fuel conditions, as well as the applied procedures.

Part 3, which will be published in July, will be dedicated to the determination of kinetic parameters able to describe devolatilization and char combustion under both conventional and oxy-fuel combustion, according to different models. Some additional studies will also focus on the evolution of the particle average size and on the release rate of each element during devolatilization and char combustion tests performed under both environments.

Solid Fuel Characterisation is an area of focus in the IFRF Research Agenda.  The IFRF Solid Fuel Database has been available to IFRF Members as an online resource since 2010 for use in the design and operation of industrial solid fuel fired combustors and gasifiers.  IFRF also runs a Solid Fuel Database Forum.  To join in the discussion, please sign in at http://sfdb.ifrf.net// or contact Tracey Biller to register.