• Changes in EuroFlam Visiting Investigators

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      Peter Roberts

Further to our announcement in the MNM last week, two new Visiting Investigators have commenced projects, one at ENEL, Pisa, Italy, another at IFRF, IJmuiden in the Netherlands.

Bartosz Swiatkowsk has joined ENEL, from his User Group, IEn in Warsaw, Poland [Photograph – Left]

Patrick Lavery has joined the IFRF from his User Group, University of Glamorgan, Wales UK. [Photograph – Right]

Further details of these EuroFlam Visiting Investigators, their backgrounds and their projects, can be found at http://www.euroflam.net/successes-1.html.

Editors Note:
If the reader would like to have more information about EuroFlam and its access programme and its Marie Curie training possibilities, please go to
http://www.euroflam.net/, where full details of programmes, eligibility and application procedures may be found.