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      Neil Fricker

IFRF Members may now access the presentations made at the most recent in the IFRF’s series of CFD Validation Workshops.  This meeting was held at Doosan Babcock in Renfrew, Scotland on June 16th 2010, and was attended by 33 delegates from 18 IFRF Member Organisations.  The meeting was chaired by IFRF President Dick Waibel of John Zink.

At this particular meeting, a total of seven presentations were made by Member organisations describing their current CFD Validation activities based on the use of IFRF and other data sets.  These presentations followed a brief recap of the previous CFD Validation Workshops which have been held by the IFRF, after which delegates were taken through the latest oxy-combustion data set available from IFRF.  (This information is available as a Current Report in the Research section of the IFRF website.  Click here to download the report.)  

During discussions after the presentations, comments were recorded and an action plan established.  Issues discussed included:

  • Validation data sets available/needed/planned
  • Validation activities – who/what/when?
  • The definition of validation
  • Future support from IFRF – needs/data?
  • Proposed new Ad-hoc Working group/activity on CFD Validation
  • Future CFD Validation Workshop(s)

It was proposed to continue to organise CFD Validation Workshops on an annual basis, and to use the IFRF’s online CFD Forum to identify Member requirements for:

  • Topics for smaller subgroups (focus groups) to meet more frequently
  • Interest in the formation of an ad-hoc group of IFRF Members wishing to work actively and more closely together to move forward with CFD combustion model validation.

Click here to download the presentations and conclusions. 

Previous workshops on this topic include a session at last year’s 16th Members Conference in Boston entitled Experiments and Simulations: Extracting Information from Uncertain Measurements and Predictions.   The presentations are available in the Conferences area of the IFRF website – see summary and conclusions.  The inaugural workshop in the CFD series took place in Munich in 2008 – click on the above link to see presentations and summaries.  

Feedback and suggestions about the IFRF’s CFD Validation activities may be made via the CFD Forum  or by email to the  IFRF’s Deputy Superintendent of Research Neil Fricker. 

IFRF would like to thank Doosan Babcock, and in particular Angus Duncan, for hosting this and other IFRF Meetings in Renfrew during the period June 16th to 18th 2010.